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#1 Posted : Friday, February 22, 2019 9:15:37 PM(UTC)
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I seem to recall that part of the instructions for Passover was taking the life of the lamb "between the eves". For what it's worth, the upcoming total solar eclipse visible from South America (July 2, 2019) occurs in the afternoon during what is winter there, and so with the eclipse reaching totality about 4:38 p.m. and then the sun setting about 5:50 p.m., there will be a "double twilight". When Yahowsha was crucified on the definitive fulfillment of Passover, something eclipsed the sun's light that afternoon while he was on the upright pole, and the sun would have set normally that day some time later. It occurs to me that perhaps the "between the eves" part of the instruction (assuming that part has indeed been correctly translated) may have been a clue to look for a "double twilight" on the definitive fulfillment of Passover. It's certainly a rare day that a "double twilight" is seen, let alone a "double twilight" in Israel.
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#2 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2019 4:12:23 AM(UTC)
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Yada wrote about this in Yada Yah, Vol 4, 1 Mashyach – Set Apart to Serve. From nasa https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEhistory/SEhistory.html it is stated there was a solar eclispse on March 19, 33 CE. For some reason, I got my dates for Pesach 33 CE beginning at sundown on Thursday, April 3, 33 CE, when Yahowsha' was nailed to the Roman torture stake. I based this on the date that Darius I died at age 64 on Sun, October 1, 486 BCE, which places Pesach 33 CE at 189,019 days later or 14 'Abyb / Nisan. The solar eclipse on nasa's web site doesn't line up on Pesach because it was a full moon, and it's impossible to have a full solar eclipse during a full moon.

Right now, I don't know any natural phenomenon that could have darkened the sky for 3 hours unless there was a nearby volcanic eruption or some dark storm. The article found on-line below may help explain the three hours of darkness based on a storm, but nothing astronomical was in the science.

This report on NBC's site: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/47555983/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/quake-reveals-day-jesus-crucifixion-researchers-believe/#.XHjrBxhKgUE where Williams, Schwab, and Brauer studied three cores from the beach of the Ein Gedi Spa adjacent to the Dead Sea. Varves, which are annual layers of deposition in the sediments, reveal that at least two major earthquakes affected the core: a widespread earthquake in 31 B.C. and a seismic event that happened sometime between the years 26 and 36. So, they think the earthquakes were allegorical and the darkness was caused by dust storms.

It seems like Yahowsha's learners would have reported the windy conditions of a dust storm, but who knows for sure.

So, like Yada states, "This darkness, lasting three hours, could not have been the result of the moon obscuring the sun, because not only can’t an eclipse occur during a full moon, the process unfolds gradually over two hours, rather than suddenly, and full coverage only lasts a maximum of 7 minutes 31 seconds."

As far as between the eves, I could not find that. Here's Yada's translation in Yada Yah:

“And he shall be for you, existing on your behalf
(wa hayah la), to be kept, cared for, and observed (la mishmereth – to be watched over as your responsibly) until (‘ad) the fourteenth (‘asar ‘arba’) day (yowm) of this (la zeh) month (ha chodesh – time of renewal).

And (wa) the entire (kol) community (qahal – assembly) of witnesses (‘edah – who provide testimony on behalf) of the Children (ben – sons) of Yisra’el (yisra’el – individuals who engage and endure with God) shall take his life (shahat ‘eth – shall slaughter him) to encourage understanding around (byn / bayn – to promote understanding near or in the vicinity of) sundown (‘ereb – sunset, twilight, dusk, or early evening).” Shemowth / Names / Exodus 12:6

It is recorded that Yahowsha' arrived in Yarushalaim 4 days before Pesah (173,880 days after the Yisra'elites went back home) as recorded in Yahowchanan 12:12-13). As Yada stated, He wanted His people to come to know the Lamb. This appointment aided in recognizing Yahowsha' as the Lamb of God from the parallel in Shemowth 12:6 when he arrived on 10 'Abyb / Nisan, Sun, March 29, 33 CE. Yahowochanan's testimony is probably tainted by religiousisty, where the multitude laid palm branches out and cried Hosanna, blessed (barak) is He who comes in the name of [Yahowah].

Also, this link helps with the timeline at http://www.nowoezone.com/NTC20.htm.

It seems more important for us to know what remains of Yahowsha's testimony is that He cursed the barren fig tree and cleansed the temple the next day on Monday 30, 33 CE as described in Marcus 11:1. If this report from Shim'own Kephas' scribe is accurate, we are left with one of the most important statements about Yahowsha's view of religous / moneychangers corruption of His Torah instructions. We should know Him / the Lamb by His instructions / words (dabarym).

And when we read Yahowsha's last statements regarding the ekklesia in His open letter to the Ephesians (Revelation 2 and 3), it is clear that He wants us to know Him that He doesn't have any religious intent at all.

By preparing for Pesach 2019, it is helping me focus more on the Lamb of God than on the many corruptions found in this world. Thanks Busby for getting me thinking more about this momentous event in 33 CE.

CC shamaremet
Shamar Emet - (to carefully observe, closely examine, thoughtfully consider truth) - In The Beginning 17:9 & Songs 119:142
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