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#1 Posted : Saturday, February 16, 2019 8:57:36 AM(UTC)
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I shared these thoughts first with Yada in the last week or so, but thought to post here for your consideration too!

I am sure we are all curious and interested to know more about the meaning of the Mark of the beast and what it means to us today! Many have preconceived and very strange ideas, but I am trying not to create my own! However, based upon what I have learned, read and understood, I have written down some suggestions and thoughts, which may or may not be true.

There are many ideas out there typically based on Christian ideas with corrupted words, so we have to be careful. However, we can follow the thread!

The fact that we only have the Greek for Revelation presents some problems of reliability, so only by using Dany’el and Chabaquwq can we mirror the story here! In fact, the only NT you can use is only likely reliable when confirmed by the Towrah and Tanak!

I have learned to identify who the “Whore of Babylon” “The Scarlet Woman” is and most people know who this refers to, but who is the “Beast”? Surely it is required that we must identify the “Beast” before we can begin to understand “The Mark” that will follow and how this ties in with 666 and the number of its name!

In today’s world, we all have a number to our name, or social security number so that governments can identify who we are, where we live and what we do, so Big Brother can peer into our lives and control their people, so it seems the RFID chip could be a progression down the road of control of the populace, but could it really be the Mark? Many have claimed this to be the case, but the thought came to me, what if this “Mark” has been with us for the last almost 2,000 years?

Reading Yada Yah I learned that the beasts of the past have been governments and military control, but that one beast stands tall in the hall of fame for beastly behaviour and cruelty, the iron beast of Rome! The last beast depicted of four was the Iron beast of Rome and the beast with 2 feet of clay and Iron. The European Union? A mix of clay or soft countries and iron of stronger more dominant countries which would include Rome?

If all this is true and there is little reason to doubt it, then both The “Beast” and “Whore” (the two legs) came from or were initiated from Rome, but with the addition of 9 more countries to make 10, 2 feet and ten toes! The Roman Church and State (the two legs) along with its military tools imposing its rule of the European Union of iron and clay, which is governed and exercised by both Beast and Whore?

If the “Beast” and the “Whore” are bedfellows, then surely the “Beast” will give in to the “Whore”, thus accepting and propagating the “Whore” as the way. If the “Beast” has the mark of religion, then the “Whore” has given its name to it - Christianity, Roman Catholicism and all the protestant little “Harlots” the founder of Christianity being one Paulos, who changed his name to a Roman moniker from his Hebrew designation of Sha’uwl, thereby with his right-hand signs his name to the iron beast of Rome, plus the whore of religion, he created from his own forehead, brain or thinking and learning as an exalted rabbi!

Thus if we accept in our right hand the “Whore’s” book of babble (The Bible) which has supplanted God’s word in the Torah/Towrah as the infallible word of God, when it is clearly the words of men, then we learn the wrong lessons and follow an alternative and broad path leading to the destruction shown in revelation and by The Mark described in the book of Revelation.

With the “Whore” already deep in Mithraism, Sun worship and many pagan rites it was not hard to adopt another teaching as was the habit of the “Whore” to accept in whatever pagan ideas suited her agenda and displaying the wine of her fornication with cultic practices adopted into her church and her whore-like tendencies to create one religion!

Therein Sha’uwl’s adversarial teachings were adopted and adapted to suit! The birth of Christianity, little by little it became a bigger Whore and bigger lie with each change of word and each new Bible to hold in your right hand and infuse into your forehead, brain or thinking and so accepting the mark and doing away with the sign of the covenant and Torah/Towrah and Yahowah’s word in the process while nullifying the whole purpose of the Ma’aseyah!

I also understood from Yada Yah that the prophecies and warning given concerning Sha’uwl were given 666 years prior to writing his corrosive Galatians letter. That warning was given in Chabaquwq/Habakkuk 1 and 2.
The Benjamite wolf is pointed out 666 years before his slandering words became public knowledge and therefore this prophecy is just amazing but so little known!

Yahowsha also warned us of a “ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing” in other words that he would be a Benjamite, who’s tribal description is as a wolf!

It would appear that the European Union is the Beast described and with its clay feet and iron is the end days structure of the Beast of Revelation and Daniel! The Whore is the Roman Alcoholics Crutch (Church) with her wine of fornication dresses in scarlet and red!

So Sha'uwl could likely be the mark on the right hand, just as we swear in court by the Bible in our right hand, via the Bible and Church of Rome and infused into the brains, or foreheads of Christians thinking in their foreheads, thereby accepting Sha'uwl and Christianity seems to be what is being described!

The "Mark of the Beast" of Rome would appear to be Christianity thanks to Paul teaching the whore and the beast how to follow the broad path to destruction and fooling the whole world!

So “666” and “Beast” is becoming clearer to understand with more and more study, but I cannot be 100% sure of the things I am putting forward here, it’s just that this would all make sense and be perfectly rational. That does not make it the truth, only food for thought and consideration!

I would love to hear from anyone with some rational thoughts. I am sure of one thing, The Mark of the Beast is not what is being portrayed in the public arena, but perhaps it has been under our noses for longer than we perceive!

If you are reading this and have not yet read www.anintroductiontogod.com www.yadayah.com or www.questioningpaul.com then to find the information I am referring to, please follow the links so that you too can know the difference between a God of love and fearing God!
When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease being honest!
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