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#1 Posted : Saturday, December 22, 2018 3:26:46 AM(UTC)
Stewart James
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It's all very well knowing, listening to, engaging, reading and understanding, as much as you can about Yahowah, however for those who have never considered their own existence (athiests) and how their existence has come about seem to wander aimlessly, believing in evolution - professed by the educated and unknowing experts who have been there and witnessed all the events of evolution throughout time! (tongue in cheek)

I have my own way to discredit evolution and many who fail to come to know God ask for proof without scripture. My first point of call is to ask about their ideas of evolution based upon what thet have had crammed into their heads at school and can the experts be relied upon, or is it just that they prefer to push God out of the equation?

Questions I ask are along the following lines which are pre cursors to the evolution theory.

How did a once sterile superheated Earth produce life (bactria,single cell organism, unicellular organsim, or whatever you want the blob of life to be called ?

How did this bacteria with no brain turn itself into the multiplicity of lifeforms on this planet and how did the same bactreria become trees plants and grass? I didn't know my brother was a tree? If you watch any "How life Began" stories, they all have similar but differing stories, so none agree on what is supposed to be an exact science!

I have a paper about 20 pages I have created with all my questions and with some answers to record my own thoughts!

To accept any notion of bacteia become all life is far more stupid that realising the God exists, but it shows how dumbed down the vast majority are in this world, education is dumbing us down, another tool of Heylel ben shachar?

If you can take the first step to help atheists with understanding there is a God and He has a name, then the next step is to steer them clear of the tools of religion!

If any person stumbles of the correct information that tells them God is real, then the next tripping point is religion to lead them astray. The cards are stacked 1,000,000 to 1 or greater against anyone finding their way!

I wonder if it may be a really good idea to create another observations chapter of life, the creation in practical terms and dissolving the hype about evolution and discrediting the whole idea, which is nothing more than theory, assumption, presumption, notion, estimation, guesswork, supposition, hypotheses, conjecture and inference.

All of which are passed off as educated works of highly esteemed professors of science and astronomy, thereby fooling the masses into accepting lies as if it were truth! What is it about "Theory" that people don't understand? No one was there to witness for us and so they pass off stories of evolution as an alternative to God. How stupid can educted people be?
When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease being honest!
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