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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 17, 2014 7:57:31 AM(UTC)
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R wrote:
Hi Yada,

Happy Shabbat.

When I was a practicing as a medical professional I worked on this day until a few years ago. Even though I was in what was deemed a healing profession much of my ‘work’ was anything but healing. I was paid for what I did. I had access to many people and, of course, where appropriate I would discuss Yah’s message. Usually without result. It was precisely because I was doing paid healing on the Shabbat that was I was troubled and subsequently stopped doing so. (To heal without payment would have meant my being sacked).

Now, as a retiree I have little opportunity to proclaim Yah’s word to those who would listen and I am not comfortable walking around like a JW or one of those people in a sandwich board on which is written ‘the end of the world is nigh’ - or words to that effect. Either way is sure to have any meaningful discussion rejected. I have had occasion to pull up a few JWs but with them you might as well speak to a brick wall.

In Shemowth 20:8-11 is a phrase that has always troubled me: “…you should never actually engage in (lo’ ‘asah – you should not habitually do, consistently prepare or produce, and you should not consistently fashion or finish, advance or assign, accomplish or act upon (qal stem imperfect conjugation)) any part of (kol) the work of God’s Representative and Messenger…” in relation to the Shabbat.

I note you have said that as Yahowsha worked to heal on the Shabbat and proclaimed Yah’s message (really his own as he is a diminished manifestation of Yah) then we can and should do the same. Yet, isn’t Yahowsha a heavenly messenger or God’s representative? Apart from the Set-Apart Spirit I can think of none better.

The fact that Yahowsha proclaimed and healed on the Shabbat does not mean we should. Clearly there would be exceptions to that rule e.g. a medical emergency or if someone who is not in the covenant approaches us and asks to be helped with Yah’s word on the Shabbat. It would be incumbent upon us to respond on those occasions. ‘Consistent’ and ‘habitual’ are the key words above from your own translation.

Does that mean we should ignore everything Yahowsha said and did (allegedly)? No. This is a case of using evidence, logic and reason to come to a conclusion where there appears to be internal contradiction.

I believe that putting Yahowha’s actions and Shemowth together we are requested to proclaim Yah’s words for six days, heal for six days and then on the seventh rest and reflect, to read and recite either alone (as is my case) or with Family members. Otherwise the seventh day is not different from the other six.


Yada wrote:

I understand your thought process and you may be completely right. Yours is a reasonable connection between and extrapolation of these two things.

And while I may be wrong, I think that a case can be made that is perhaps as solid for a narrower interpretation of the work of the messenger which limits it to the actual fulfillment of the Miqra'ey - to those things which facilitate the Covenant and its benefits. This would enable us to share the Towrah and its Covenant on the Shabat.

As for healing, I wouldn't argue against your position especially if your job is to provide healthcare. But again, while admittedly a weaker argument, a distinction can be made between physical and spiritual healing, thus enabling us to follow Yahowsha's example while observing the instruction.

I suspect that these things were left to interpretation so that we could reason together and communicate our thoughts, just as you have done. But even if that is not so, you are absolutely correct in saying that the Shabat is a special day, one set apart to rest and reflect in the relationship and testimony.

Don't take my word for it, Look it up.

“The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.” ― Ayn Rand
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