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#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:22:12 AM(UTC)
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I am admin in the 'Questioning Paul' Facebook group and reasonably acquainted with his false doctrine. The translation of the prophecy in Habbakuk is an excellent piece of work - thanks to Chuck and Yada.
The following verses led me to believe that YashaYahu/Isaiah was also prophecying against the same false teachings of Saul and christianity:
The prophet writes about judgement day:

Isaiah 28 HCSB Strongs
5 On that day Yahuah ṣâḇâ will become a crown of beauty and a diadem of splendor to the remnant of His people,
6 a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate (entrace, doorway).

It is my opinion that he is writing about christians that get to the 'doorway', but they do not enter and they do not continue to fight the good fight. Their 'salvation' starts and ends with the 'blood of the Lamb' , but they do not understand unleavened bread and the path of redemption from sin.
Their religion makes them to behave like drunkards, full of confusement, they have lost their way..

7 These also stagger because of wine and stumble under the influence of beer:priest and prophet stagger because of beer,they are confused by wine.
They stumble because of beer,they are muddled in their visions,they stumble in their judgments.
8 Indeed, all their tables are covered with vomit;there is no place without a stench.

Then he starts talking about a particular person...

9 Who is he trying to teach? Who is he trying to instruct? Infants just weaned from milk? Babies removed from the breast?
10 For he says:"Law after law, law after law,line after line, line after line,a little here, a little there."

This person instructs people with no knowledge (is this a reference to the gentiles?) and he gives them manmade rules and laws ..

11 So He will speak to this people with stammering speech and in a foreign language.
12 He had said to them:"This is the place of rest,let the weary rest; this is the place of repose."
But they would not listen (aba lo sama - they will not listen?)

He is teaching with a stammering voice in a foreign language. (Paul's writings are written in poor Greek. It is highly likely that he stammered as well. He then provides a false teaching about salvation. They will not listen (to the truth?)

13 Then the word of Yahuah came to them:"Law after law, law after law,line after line, line after line,a little here, a little there," so they go stumbling backward,to be broken, trapped, and captured.

The false prophet brings a false version of the Word and it traps them and puts them in bondage.

14 Therefore hear the word of Yahuah, you mockers who rule this people in Jerusalem.
15 For you said, "We have cut a deal with Death,and we have made an agreement with Sheol; when the overwhelming scourge passes through,it will not touch us,because we have made falsehood our refuge and have hidden behind treachery."

To me this describes the false christian teaching of 'salvation through faith'. They declare falsely that death will not harm them and they have made a deal with Sheol (Sha'uwl). This prophecy is a warning against this false teacher and his false teachings. The place is Jerusalem so the prophecy is not about Islam.

Your comments please?

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#2 Posted : Saturday, September 14, 2013 7:47:51 AM(UTC)
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As Mr. Nimoy's Spock character was fond of saying, "Fascinating, Captain." Thank you, brother. It is sure to be an enjoyable time when I research this on my own. I appreciate your sharing it.

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