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Offline RidesWithYah  
#1 Posted : Friday, June 19, 2009 3:17:19 PM(UTC)
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At least, that's what the Aramaic English New Testament says.
"My El! My El! [Lemana shabakthani] Why have you spared me?"

with this footnote:
“Y'shua was not necessarily quoting Psalm 22, although the imagery of the Psalm is certainly intended by Matthew. Greek is translated Eli, Eli lama sabacthani, but Peshitta and Psalm 22 read: Eli, Eli lama azbatani. Many bibles read “forsaken” from which came a false teaching that the Father left Y'shua destitute (Marcionite thinking). Isaiah 53:4 indicates that “we” reckoned him smitten of Elohim, but it is not YHWH who tortured His own son, but men motivated by religious tradition. Psalm 22 references those who scorned Y'shua for his Faith in YHWH and called him a worm (detested), but Father YHWH does not forsake the righteous, nor does he at any time “forsake” His own Son – see Psalm 9:9,10; 37:25, 71:11, Isaiah 49:14-16. Y'shua says “Eli” (my El). He is in great physical pain after being brutally tortured; those around Him were confused about whether He was saying “Eli-yah” or “Eliyahu”. If Hebrew eyewitnesses were not sure of what He was saying, it shouldn't be a surprise that Greek transliteration was also wrong, putting “lama sabacthani” rather than “lemana shabakthani”. Perhaps the reason Y'shua says “why are you sparing me” is because He has proven His commitment by laying down His life and has already endured about six hours of the execution! So, it's not a matter of being “forsaken” but that He literally means, “Father, I'm ready, why can't We finish this?” In a matter of moments from saying this, He dies, which fully supports this interpretation. See Appendix My El! My El!...”

(This was excerpted from my post about the AENT. Thought it was relevant here, as those interested in this topic might miss the other post. Sorry for the duplication, and you won't hurt my feelings if you delete it, but hope you understand my reasons.)

An interesting point of view, and amazing how similar sounding, but different meaning, the two Greek phrases are...
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#2 Posted : Friday, June 19, 2009 9:06:32 PM(UTC)
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And about, around and near the ninth hour, three o’clock in the afternoon, Yahushua*From the placeholder ΙΣ cried and called, exulted and proclaimed, exclaimed and shouted out with a great and mighty, powerful and strong, intense and violent sound, tone and voice, saying and teaching, maintaining and affirming, directing and exhorting, advising and pointing out, “Eli, Eli, lema shabaqthani?” Which is and exists as, “My God*, My God*, why, for what reason and for what purpose have You forsaken and abandoned, deserted and left Me?” Moreover, some of those who had stood upright and firm, steadfast and established, fixed and unmoveable, upheld and sustained, maintained and authorised there, in that place, having heard and attended to, considered and understood, comprehended and perceived this, were saying and teaching, maintaining and affirming, directing and exhorting, advising and pointing out concerning this, “This One, He is shouting and crying for, screaming for and summoning ‘EliYah!” And straightaway and immediately, one from out of them ran and rushed away and received and accepted, taken and seized, acquired and collected, grasped and obtained, chosen and selected, claimed and procured, apprehended and admitted a sponge, and having completed and filled it with sour wine and wine vinegar, and having put, placed and set it around a staff, rod and cane, he was giving it to Him to drink and absorb.

Taken from http://www.thewaytoyahweh.com

Looks like that Aramaic translation is trying to bend the truth a little because they don't understand what he was saying. "He couldnt have been saying that, so this is what he really said..."

people are funny.

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#3 Posted : Saturday, June 20, 2009 3:20:20 AM(UTC)
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I'm not defensive about your posts.
I'm also not meaning to be difficult, but genuinely confused here.
I think I'm reading the AENT notes a little differently.
Bear with me:

I think what they're saying is:
The Messiah spoke in Greek as he was close to death.
His words were either,
"Eli, Eli lama sabacthani", which means "My El, My El, why have you forsaken me?", or
"Eli, Eli lemana shabakthani", which means "My El, My El, why have you spared me?".

As they sound so similar, I can see why they might be confused.
Anybody here know Greek, and can confirm what the second phrase, lemana shabakthani, actually means?

Or are you saying I'm *way* off base here, and these phrases are actually Aramaic or Hebrew?


Offline Royce  
#4 Posted : Saturday, September 11, 2010 6:51:49 PM(UTC)
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Pretty interesting
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