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#1 Posted : Thursday, December 22, 2022 2:49:33 PM(UTC)
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As a note to the moderators, this topic may be suitable for a Babel forum should one be deemed appropriate to create.

During the most recent YY Radio show on 12/16/22, Yada shared his powerful and distrubing assessment of the book of Yachezq’el / Ezekiel as being not inspired by Yah, and of 16th chapter of this book / scroll as being especially upsetting, From this broadcast I understand that this content will be reveiwed in great detail in the upcoming Babel Volume 2 Abominations book, but until that time gave a read of this chapter in the NASB translation.

The general impression this NASB read gave me was not so different than that of Howsha' / Hosea in condemning Yisrael by likening their religious practices influenced by their neighbors as spiritual adultery. It was also like Howsha' in describing Yisreal as a (spiritual) harlot who while married to Yah and was the recipiant of the covenant, chose to instead purse other "partners." He speaks of "her" disgracing "herself" worse than her "sisters," which would make sense as Yisrael's actions came from a people choosen by Yah, who received Hos Towrah guisdance, and covenant, yet acted as they abominable relious pagan ways. Yisrael's neigbors weren;t good in Yah's sight, but not judged as poorly since they didn;t know Him, no?

The aspect that particularly made me wonder what Yada has found is in the closing, whcih seems more like what Howsha' wrote than say what Muhammad's dark spirit would say. Consider:

NASB Ezekiel 16:60 “Nevertheless, I will remember My covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish an everlasting covenant with you. 16:61 Then you will remember your ways and be ashamed when you receive your sisters, both your older and your younger; and I will give them to you as daughters, but not because of your covenant. 16:62 So I will establish My covenant with you, and you shall know that I am the Lord, 16:63 so that you may remember and be ashamed, and not open your mouth again because of your disgrace, when I have [ai]forgiven you for all that you have done,” the Lord God declares.

Apart from the corrupt practice of replacing Yah's name, doesn't this text appear to describe the eventual Yowm Kippurym reconciliiations after a long period of separation due to their religous practices apart from the covenant of Yah, than what the Adversary would say??

I'm very much open to the detailed evidence Yada has shared with us so many times before, and am sure this will be coming to support his findings soon, but at face value I'm not yet seeing this as obviously preverse in this English translation, but welcome your thoughts?

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, December 27, 2022 9:58:13 PM(UTC)
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Hi Theophilus. You will have to read The new book about E#zekiel to fully appreciate and understand what Yada has been talking about but here is an excerpt:

Throughout Howsha’ | Hosea, when Yahowah speaks of His people’s religious infidelity, calling the men and women whores, prostitutes, and adulterers, sexuality is never the issue but, instead, the people’s love affair with false gods. But now, with Ezekiel, the problem is lewd and shameful sexuality. The abomination is not religion; it is love.
It can only be assumed that Ezekiel meant to say that his Lord was going to hold Yisra’el in contempt, but that is not the way it was written. The author scribed, “you have done what you have despised,” which, outside of this context, would have been sensible. However, the despicable act is ‘alah | a cursed oath, a mournful lament, and a disabled and unfit vow, even a pledge to Allah. By so doing, it is insinuated that they broke and nullified the Covenant. But this was not Israel’s problem. They broke the Covenant by being religious, not by cursed oaths or mournful laments.
The Lord of Babel never had a covenant with the Jewish people, much less the lewd and sensuous women of Yisra’el. Nonetheless…
So (wa), I remembered (zakar – I recalled and memorialized (qal perfect first-person singular)) Me (‘any) with my covenant (‘eth beryth ‘any – through my agreement and partnership) with you, woman (‘eth ‘ath), in the days (ba yowmym) of your adolescent childhoods (na’uwrym ‘ath – of your, feminine singular, early childhoods, plural), so (wa) I have arisen and established, having taken a stand (quwm) for you a covenant (la ‘ath beryth) everlasting (‘owlam). (Yachezq’el / Ezekiel 16:60)
You remembered (wa zakar – you recalled (qal perfect second-person feminine singular)) your ways (‘eth derek ‘ath) and you were humiliated and ashamed (wa kalam – you were mistreated and disgraced, you were deprived, despairing and disgraced (nifal perfect)) in having grasped and obtained (ba laqach) for you (‘ath), your sisters (‘eth ‘achowth ‘ath), the great and many, bigger and more important, as well as the older (ha gadowl) from you (min ‘ath) to the smaller, less significant, and younger (‘el ha qatan) out of you (min ‘ath) and I gave (wa nathan – I offered) with them to you (‘eth henah la ‘ath) for daughters (la bath) but not from your covenant (wa lo’ min beryth ‘ath). (Yachezq’el / Ezekiel 16:61)
Satan is becoming more consistent, albeit more cynical. He is memorializing himself. After doing so, he is rising up to establish a covenant with his former child whore. No men are allowed. To participate, a woman must return to the state where she is a naked child who is shamed under the influence of a pedophile spirit. And this state is to be everlasting.
Satan has the chutzpah to affirm that this was a miserable situation where the little girl he was abusing sexually was humiliated and ashamed because she was mistreated. But then the Master of Misogyny would have us believe that he convinced his prized toy to lure her sisters, some even younger than she, into the Devil’s den.
And as we have read previously, the Lord of Babel claims to have fathered her children, giving this young child daughters. But this was not the result of your Covenant, the one Yisra’el made with Yahowah, but one of the Lord’s design.
Finally, we have reached the bitter end.
So I have arisen, I took a stand, and I have established (quwm – I arose and have confirmed (hifil perfect first-person singular)) myself (‘any) with my covenant (‘eth beryth ‘any) with you, woman (‘eth ‘ath). You have known (yada’ – you were aware (qal perfect second-person feminine singular)) that I am (ky ‘any) This Is Not Him (#^^#!), (Yachezq’el / Ezekiel 16:62) with regard to (la ma’an) you remembering and memorializing (zakar – you recalling (qal imperfect second-person feminine singular)) that you experienced physical pain and emotional distress and were humiliated and shamed (wa bowsh – you were disapproved and disgraced (qal perfect second-person feminine singular)).
And it will not be (wa lo’ hayah – and it is not (qal imperfect third-person masculine singular)) for you (la ‘ath) any longer or ever again (‘owd – now and forevermore) to open mouth (pithachown peh) out of (min) the presence (paneh) of your humiliation, low status, mental inferiority, and shame (kalimah ‘ath) in covering (ba kaphar – in concealing) myself (‘any) for you (la ‘ath) for everything which you have done (la kol ‘asher ‘asah – for all that you have engaged in (qal perfect second-person feminine singular)), proclaims (na’um) my Lord and Master (‘adony), This Is Not Him (#^^#!). (Yachezq’el / Ezekiel 16:63)
Just as Yasha’yah | Isaiah had foretold a century before, Satan would arise and establish himself above God in Babylon. We are, therefore, reading the fulfillment of Yahowah’s warning to His people.
The Devil’s Covenant would be with the children he sought to perpetually and sexually abuse – not unlike the perpetual virgins satiating the carnal desires of mass murderers in Allah’s heavenly brothel. Women would be kept nude, defenseless, and exposed. Abused children would endure unrelenting physical pain and emotional distress. And in rabbinic, Christian, and Islamic fashion, they would suffer silently – forbidden to ever open their mouths again. The Lord would memorialize their inferiority, low status, and disapproval – in keeping with the religions that Satan would inspire.
And then another confession, it would be the Lord of Babylon who would be concealing his nature, identity, and intent. There would be no atonement for the sins of
God's people
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