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#1 Posted : Friday, June 12, 2015 11:32:25 AM(UTC)
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In 2 Kefa 3:15-18 Kefa says that his "beloved brother Paul" writes of salvation but the "unlearned and unstable" twist Paul's words to their own destruction, which makes them fall from stability and be led away by their error. Kefa endorses Paul? Is this consistent with the Clementine writings? How do I reconcile this verse for someone who quoted this to me, calling me an apostate?

(not that I mind being called an apostate from xianity!)
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#2 Posted : Sunday, June 14, 2015 3:08:38 PM(UTC)
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The thrid chapter reads as a warning regarding Paul. Below is an excerpt from QP, condensed of most of its amplification. This chapter is ALWAYS offered up by christians as a proof text for the validity of Paul's letters as scripture. When your english translation came to you by way of latin, and scriptura is the word for letters or writing, is it any wonder that the english translation will use the word scripture in context? This is no statement of validity for Paul's letters, but simply an acknowledgement that his communications were in writing. Similarly, regarding him as a brother or a kinsman is simply an acknowledgement that he was Yahuwd. Christians like to be siblings in christ or whatever, and they try and heap that concept on this text, but it just doesn't belong.

If you have yet to read QP, it's well worth your time.

(2 Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 3:13-18)
“Therefore, we await a new universe and a previously unknown spiritual realm, and a freshly created earth according to His promise, expecting in which that the righteous and vindicated will live. (2P3:13)
So dear friends, those eagerly anticipating this, earnestly make every effort to become pure, without blemish or defect, blameless, avoiding judgment for Him, learning to be found with reconciliation leading to salvation. (2P3:14)
Also this regarding our Upright One, Yahowah: steadfast endurance and constraint, always analyzing while expressing righteous indignation toward the adversary, even being exasperated, considering forming opinions regarding the process of salvation inasmuch as it pertains then to this, our (emon) esteemed (ho agapetos – unique and dear, welcoming and entertaining) countryman (adelphos – brother and / or fellow Yahuwd / Jew [and thus not afforded the title Apostle title he craved]), Paulos (Paulos – Latin for Little and Lowly), through the clever use of human philosophy having been produced by him in writing to you. (2P3:15)
And even as in all epistles, inside them they speak and convey a message which encompasses the other side, deploying circular reasoning, which is different and opposed to this, within which there are some things difficult to understand, hard to comprehend, and detrimental to comprehension, which the uneducated and improperly taught as well as the malleable misinterpret and distort, turning away, as also with the remaining inferior writings, pertaining to their own individual destruction and annihilation of themselves.” (2P3:16)
“You, therefore , beloved, now knowing this in advance, you should be observant, on guard, keeping your distance in order that not in or of this un-appointed, unprincipled, and irreverent deceptive delusion, you are forsaken, having been led astray from the steadfast and dependable One.” (2P3:17) “So grow in mercy and knowledge of Yahowah, our Upright One and Savior, the Ma’aseyah Yahowsha’. To Him the splendor, brilliance, and greatness, now and throughout all time. This is truthful and reliable.” (2P3:18)
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Sheree on 7/5/2015(UTC)
Offline Camille  
#3 Posted : Thursday, July 2, 2015 1:12:43 PM(UTC)
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I am very grateful for your post. Thank you so much, Matt!
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