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#1 Posted : Saturday, July 16, 2011 1:21:15 PM(UTC)
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I try not to cook or do dishes on the Sabbath. Dinner Friday is usually pizza bought before sundown. Breakfast is leftover pizza, cold cereal, or hardboiled eggs. We've usually got salad, yogurt, fruit, or something to make a sandwich with around for lunch. Saturday dinner can be more challenging, and we're looking for new ideas to keep the kids (and their parents) from getting bored. What are your favorite Sabbath meals?
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#2 Posted : Saturday, July 16, 2011 1:53:26 PM(UTC)
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The thawed-out-beauty you create/design the night before, your most desired dinner.
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#3 Posted : Saturday, July 16, 2011 7:24:05 PM(UTC)
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You can take a crock pot and before Friday evening you can put in it carrots, potatoes, beef, onions or chicken, beans, corn dumplings or venison, hominy, beans, winter squash chunks or hamburger, beans, tomato paste, zuchinni chunks, onion or lamb, carrots, parsnips, and turnips......add some water and your desired spices and voila.....the combinations are absolutely endless...and then take the crock pot out of the heating element and stow it in the fridge. Take it out in the late morning or whenever you feel you need to take it out in order to be done and put it back in the heating element and turn it on. All the work is done. There is no heavy labor. Just take it out...put it in....turn it on. Nothing could be simpler....and you will have a fantastic hearty meal. The stews are absolutely fantastic with flat bread. Speaking of flat bread. Another amazing thing for bread is to take yogurt or sour cream and mix it with pureed garlic and cucumbers. Add salt to taste and just a very small pinch of pepper. This of course can also be prepared in advance and is wonderful on breads....in my opinion...especially flat breads. Another wonderful way to enjoy bread is minced garlic in olive oil. Make a pickle tray friday afternoon with all kinds of savories on it.....mmmm homemade kimchi :) and pepperoncinis. I don't know as I see it the possibilities are endless. With the crock pot option you can even do a roast brisket or a corned beef brisket or venison or a boneless leg of lamb or for that matter a small chicken....as long as you get it started early enough. You can make soups in the crock pot and even add tender vegetables too....just keep them separate and add them a bit later than the other ingredients. Israeli salad is wonderful freshly served and I think it is even better when it has been allowed to season overnight. And for your information...it goes great on flatbread too.

As far as Friday evening is concerned the possiblilities are endless. Friday night roasted Chicken with deep fried (then roasted) potatoes anyone? Get the bbq going and make up some skewers.....mmmmm you got me hungry.

A rum raisin cake can be prepared on Thursday. Drench it again with butter rum sauce on Friday and enjoy it the whole shabbat. Cheese trays are great and as long as they are covered they can be prepared in advance with no issues whatsoever.

Personally, my family has a wonderful feast on Friday evening. Methods and labor are not an issue because the meal is prepared in the afternoon or right before Shabbat starts. We have a light breakfast and then we have another feast for dinner. Me or my wife often get up at 6 or whatever and put on the crockpot and then will go to bed to catch a few more zzzs. Then we have a light supper...with a veggie or pickle tray with perhaps a cheese tray and some bread with dip finished off with icecream or sorbet or cake. We often have cold beef (either cured or plain). Greek salad and Israeli salad are good and so is my wife's chinese carrot or radish salad. I enjoy Chinese hot mustard noodles with carrot and green pepper matchsticks. These can all be prepared in advance. Things like the Greek Salad can be made with minimal effort. It is a good idea to put the feta in right before serving. Just dump it into the salad right before you serve.

One of my favorite Ereb Shabbat meals during the summer is grilled chicken seasoned with cumin, fennel, salt, pepper, oregano, cardamom, sesame seeds and a little bit of chili. Cut the chicken into chunks and skewer them. THen before you put them on the grill brush them with olive oil. Put on the spices according to your taste. Rebrush with oil and reapply spices several times during grilling process. Then set them down on the table. Take some lettuce like green leaf or red leaf and some cut up cilantro. Take a leaf of lettuce and take chicken from the skewer. and put the chicken in the lettuce. Then take and put cilantro or for that matter fresh basil or oregano and put that on too. Wrap up the package and make a speedy delivery to your mouth. MMMM....MMMM.....MMMM. This is also good with buckwheat galettes (which can also be prepared in advance.

I love to eat my wife's Chinese crepes (for lack of a better description) with either Rice or Kasha with seasoned beans and chicken or beef. You could use tortillas in all actuality...but my wife likes her crepes better than torillas. I like both.

Another favorite is my fried then baked pinto beans. Eat them as a side one meal and then use them as an ingredient in the next. Which goes nicely with flat bread. Beef/lamb and lentil stew....and on and on and on.

Throughout the week a quick grilled cheese sandwich or spaghetti suffices for dinner. The sabbath to me has just got to be different. When you prepare for it and plan for it it doesn't have to be a burden or a stresser. It is amazing how much wonderful food you can eat with a minimal effort.

Man, I love Shabbat.
YHWH's ordinances are true, and righteous altogether.
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