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#1 Posted : Monday, May 3, 2010 2:19:49 AM(UTC)
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This is the title of an eBook available here:-


It is mainly secular and proposes the diagnosis of Moh'd as a very dangerous 'Malignant Narcissist' But if one substitutes demonic possession for narcissist one gets close to the point.

Here are some excerpts:-

Practically everything associated with Muhammad was only hating, killing, raping, and looting.
He never made a positive contribution to the mankind during 23 years of his Prophetic career.
His mind was full of hate, which caused depression and anxiety. Depression and rage ride in
tandem. For a Narcissist, as depression intensifies and comes to the surface of awareness, so does
anger (Masterson, 1990, p. 64). At first, many Narcissists cannot pinpoint the reasons why they
are angry and project their rage to the world as if the whole world is their enemy. He cannot
justify himself. This is the internal hell of a Narcissist, and he continuously pays for it. When
Muhammad ordered slaughtering innocents, he was venting out his internal depression for not
obtaining enough narcissistic supplies.

The hell is not for punishing the Muslim wrong-doers. They will go directly to Paradise.
Muhammad’s recommendation is final and Allah cannot deny. So, all Muslim terrorists,
murderers, rapists, cheats, thugs, pickpockets and pimps will go to Paradise because they follow
Islam. The ‘people of the book’, Idolaters and atheists are destined to hell for eternal suffering no
matter how pious and God-fearing they may have been. Their good thoughts, good actions or
piety are of no value. The idolaters will be burnt in hell along with their idols.

The fact is that neither a God nor any supernatural power was with Muhammad. Allah, angels,
Jinns were all Muhammad’s narcissistic delusions; either conscious or subconscious fabrication
of his diseased mind. When he said, “I will bring you slaughter”, it was an act to hide the reality
that he was weak, and a spineless coward. He himself did not believe that Allah could save him.
So he used to take extra precautions. Deep down, he knew that he was a fake. He knew that his
Prophetic claim was nothing but a concoction, a figment of his distorted thinking, that he could
live only like a parasite in the guise of a Prophet. With falsehood, a number of people can be
brainwashed, but in the harshness of battles, survival depends on courage and skill. Sadly
Muhammad lacked both of these qualities and he knew it very well

Qur’an was also a useful tool for Muhammad to use the fear factor for propagating his religion.
There are 146 references to Hell in the Qur’an. Out of this, only 6% of those in Hell are there for
moral failings—murder, theft, etc. The other 94% of the reasons for being in Hell are for the
intellectual sin of disagreeing with Muhammad, a political crime. Hence, Islamic Hell is a
political prison for those who speak against Islam (Glazov & Warner, 2007). Islam is actually a
political movement in the camouflage of a religion. In a political movement, there is no such
thing as a universal statement of ethics. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers
another way. The goal is to dominate the entire world under Arab supremacy.

Throughout the recorded history of Islam; Qur’an, the most unholy religious book had turned
men into monsters -- there have been millions of murderers, millions of rapists and millions of
terrorists. They commit all sorts of crimes with a clear conscious and in the name of Allah. But
while committing crimes in the name of God, they do not question the credibility of the
revelations in this book.

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#2 Posted : Monday, May 3, 2010 5:05:49 AM(UTC)
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Just a bit more showing the demonic nature of the narcissism

But the history says something else. The revisionist image of pre-Islamic Arabs as skilled
fighters is widely accepted by the historians. But its derogatory overtones are preached because
they are essential to show Islam as a Divine religion which makes bad people good. Islamic
scholars try hard to paint the pre-Islamic period, called Jahiliyyah, or Period of Ignorance, in the
worst possible light. They demonize Arabs to make the resulting Islamic society, arguably the
most ignorant and brutal in history, look good by comparison. But what little evidence we have
of these people, their lives, and customs, indicates that they didn’t act foolishly. Unlike their
descendants in the twenty-first century, seventh-century Arabs were a free, peace-loving people
who cherished family values and honored tribal commitments.

There is no historical evidence of Arabs conquering their neighbors before Islam. They were
illiterate, isolated, and perhaps even ignorant about the outside world. But there is no evidence
that they were bloodthirsty criminals who terrorized and looted in violent raids. But that all
changed with the advent of Muhammad. After Islam, Muslims conquered much of the world.
When Muhammad could not establish his religion peacefully in Mecca, he became a criminal in
Medina. When Muhammad took control as a leader, the Muslims put Arabia in turmoil, spilling
blood for plunder. They became a gang who terrorized and raided settlements and caravans alike.
They knew terror, murder, thievery, and the slave trade were wrong, yet they did these things in
the name of God. Their consciences were simply paralyzed by a malignant Narcissist’s powerful
force. Muhammad and his Allah said that booty was good, and that killing the enemies was the
surest way to reach the Islamic Paradise and people believed him. The Narcissist skillfully
distorted their sense of ‘Humanness’ and linked “doing good” and “a service to God” to all
ungodly things. Briefly, he had given a sacred aura to crime and terrorism.

Islam turned good men bad. That’s why today’s Muslims find it essential to revise their past and
invert ‘truth’. But it is their true past, their actual history, which accuses them. Simply stated --
Islam perverts men. Once Muhammad came into power, religious intolerance crept in.

Muhammad’s narcissistic force had a very bad influence on Arab society and culture. During
Muhammad and his successors, prostitution diminished for a time (Durant, 1950. p. 220). It’s not
because Muhammad had a high regard for women and he worked for the welfare of the fallen
women and upgraded their condition. It’s because Muhammad lowered the status of married
women to the lowest level of sex-slavery and prostitution. He allowed sexual appetite so many
outlets within the Islamic law that the prostitutes became jobless. Muhammad viewed women as
domestic animals. There is enough proof that prior to Islam’s aggression, women were much
more respected and had more rights there than at any time since.
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#3 Posted : Monday, May 3, 2010 9:24:26 AM(UTC)
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Just for interest - this occurs towards the end of the book:-

When members of al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and Hamas are asked why
they were killing us. They said, “Islam. We’re following Muhammad’s orders” (Winn, 2004.
letter to the reader). This is how Muhammad and his creed are directly responsible for today’s
terrorist attacks.
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